Maine Surrogacy Agencies: 12 Questions That Every Surrogate Should Ask

With so many surrogacy agencies out there, it can be a daunting task for a prospective surrogate to select the right agency for her needs. We’ve put together some questions for prospective surrogates to consider asking when deciding between surrogacy agencies in order to find an agency that will be the right fit: 

  1. Base Compensation: What is the base compensation offered, and how will payments be structured? How will the base compensation be impacted by a premature delivery? Is the base compensation adjusted for a twin or triplet pregnancy?

  2. Expenses: How is reimbursement for actual expenses structured? Are receipts required for all reimbursements or will I be given a monthly allowance to cover miscellaneous expenses? Are there caps on reimbursements for child care and my lost wages?

  3. Compensation Schedule Flexibility: Is the compensation negotiable, or does the surrogacy agency require the same compensation for all surrogates? (FYI: here's an example of our agency's compensation schedule.)

  4. Medical Bills: What arrangements will be made for the payment of my medical bills? Will I be expected to use my own health insurance? If so, will my health insurance premiums be reimbursed? How long after the birth will my medical expenses be covered?

  5. Parentage: How will legal parental status be established? Will my name go on the initial birth certificate? Will the parentage method employed vary depending on the characteristics of the intended parents, such as whether they are unmarried or a same-sex couple? Will I be required to give birth in another state in order to utilize that state's parentage laws?

  6. Prenatal Care: Can I continue to use my current OB/GYN? How will prenatal care be handled for a high-risk or twin pregnancy?

  7. Exclusivity: Will I be permitted to sign up with another agency simultaneously or is the arrangement exclusive for a period of time?

  8. Matching: How will potential intended parents be identified for a match? What is the typical wait time for a match?

  9. Escrow: Will funds be held in escrow? Who will manage the escrow account? What is the initial escrow funding amount?

  10. Lawyers: Will I have a separate attorney for the contract process or will the intended parents and I be expected to use the same attorney? (Use of separate attorneys is not just the best practice but also a requirement under the laws of some states, including Maine.).

  11. Travel Restrictions: What travel restrictions will be imposed upon me during the pregnancy? Are these restrictions fixed or can they be negotiated with the intended parents?

  12. Screening: What does the screening process involve? Are there any circumstances under which I would be expected to reimburse the agency or intended parents for the screening costs?

You have surrogacy agency options in Maine. We get it. We encourage you to think about the above questions, do your due diligence in researching agencies and meet with the people you’d be working with at the agency to ensure you’re comfortable with them. It’s important to select an agency you feel at ease with and one that you know will fight to be your advocate throughout your surrogacy journey. We encourage you to contact us at New England Surrogacy. We’d love to talk to you!

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