Dear Savvy Surrogate: Am I Ready to Become a Surrogate?

Dear Savvy Surrogate, 

How do I know If I am ready to be a gestational carrier? It’s been on my mind for a while but I’m not sure I’m ready! 

–Hesitant in New Hampshire

Dear Hesitant, 

What a great question. Choosing to be a surrogate is a huge, life-changing, emotional, and amazing decision. There are many factors to consider before you decide to carry a life for someone else. Let’s look over a few of the big questions that will be a great starting point. 

Why do I want to be a surrogate?

Do I have a support system to get me through my surro-pregnancy?

Do I meet all the requirements? Including my health?

First, having the right motivation is so important when deciding to become a surrogate. Being compensated is a reasonable desire (and is permitted in your home state of New Hampshire). But that shouldn’t top the list of why you are becoming a surrogate. You should have a desire to help someone else start a family in the biggest way possible! 

Next, a support system is a must. Surro-pregnancies are a family affair! Your significant other will have to be supportive and on board for the process. They will also be required to go through a psychological evaluation and in person interview as part of the process.  Your partner or spouse will sign your contract right along with you and the intended parents!

Last, but certainly not least, is meeting all of the requirements to become a surrogate. You have to have given birth to your own child. This is a requirement because the physicians want to see that your body can carry a healthy pregnancy to term. And we all want to make sure you understand what you are getting into. You also need to be certain you’ve completed your own family! This is a requirement because, as with every pregnancy, there are risks. If a surrogacy pregnancy caused issues with future fertility and you wanted more children, that could be a huge disappointment for you and your family! 

Other requirements we have at New England Surrogacy are:

  • Preferably 21-35 years of age, up to healthy early 40s

  • Reside in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts or Rhode Island

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) above 19 and below 32 (in some instances, a higher BMI is acceptable). Calculate my BMI

  • No use of illegal drugs, cigarettes or marijuana, vaping, or cannabis products or abuse of alcohol (yep, this applies even though marijuana possession is decriminalized in New Hampshire!)

  • Not participating in certain need-based government aid programs, including cash assistance, welfare, Section 8 housing, or Medicaid (this includes Medicaid programs such as HUSKY in Connecticut)

  • Women who have IUDs, contraceptive implants or have had the Depo Provera shot may apply

  • Have not undergone the Essure or Adiana procedure

Just so you know, some New England states have certain minimum requirements for surrogates written into the law (like New Hampshire) while other New England states currently do not (Connecticut falls into this group). Either way, we apply our stringent standards across the board for your health and well-being. 

Does surrogacy sound right for you? 

If you’re ready to be considered for our surrogacy program—or simply want more information—please complete this intake form

Thanks for taking the first step!