4 Gay Parenting Myths

New England Surrogacy welcomes families of all different backgrounds! No matter what your gender or sexual orientation is, New England Surrogacy wants to help you grow your family! Below, we tackle some of the Gay Parenting myths we commonly hear. So, what’s the truth?

  1. Your kids will be gay: There is no evidence that children who come from a family with gay parents are any more likely to be gay than those raised in a household with heterosexual parents. So, this claim is completely unfounded. Plus, gay parents tend to me more accepting of diversity, which can help any child flourish in life! 

  2. A child needs a Mom AND a Dad: More than anything, a child needs a parent or parents who will love them and be there for them. Good parents are just that... good parents. Two dads, two moms or single parents can give just as much quality time and involvement in a child’s life as a household with a mom and dad. It has nothing to do with their gender or sexual orientation!

  3. Surrogates only carry for heterosexual couples: While this can be true for some surrogates, we have surrogates who are willing to work with families from all different backgrounds! We truly pride ourselves on accepting people with different personal and religious beliefs. Many surrogates are thrilled to help any family grow!

  4. Gay relationships aren’t as stable as straight relationships: Many gay parenting myths are completely unfounded, and this is another great example. We have seen and know SO many wonderful gay couples who have thriving relationships and are just as happy and committed as those we know in straight relationships. Relationships are hard and take work, whether you are gay or straight! 

A baby marks a huge step in growing your family. We’d be honored to take that step with you and promise to provide exceptional advice and guidance throughout the journey.

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