5 Things Learned from Being A Gestational Carrier

Being a gestational carrier is an amazing gift! The women who step forward perform an incredible and selfless act for those who want to grow their families. We asked some gestational carriers about their lessons learned; it was so hard to pick the best ones, but here are the top 5 (okay 6… it was tough to choose!).

  1. “I wasn’t attached to the baby like my own”

    This is probably one of the most frequent questions gestations carriers (GC) get asked. But, GCs start this journey knowing that this is not their child, so it’s a different feeling. They are growing babies for parents who can’t wait for a child of their own. So, GCs are excited for the journey to just help the intended parents reach their dreams of having a family.

  2. I didn’t realize how many lives I would touch”

    Gestational carriers will share stories of how the surrogacy process was a family affair and it brought their own family closer knowing they were all a part of helping another family have kids of their own. One GC even commented that her kids, to this day, are still proud of the part they played in helping another family grow. It’s truly heartwarming to see how the whole experience brings families together.

  3. “Surrogacy is not for someone who is reserved, it requires complete transparency”.

    Many times a GC will literally have a camera stuck up her vagina into her uterus to check for any abnormalities. It doesn’t get any more transparent than that! IPs know nearly everything about the GC who is carrying their baby, including family life, medical and financial history. GCs have to undergo background checks, psychological screenings and medical exams. If you are a reserved person, surrogacy is probably not for you. 

  4. “You need a lot of support”

    Having a support system for your surrogacy journey is a must if you are the surrogate or the intended parents. One GC I spoke with remembered the intended father saying to her, “I wish I could just put you in my pocket and take you everywhere with me.” I can’t imagine how hard it is to trust someone with your baby for 9 months. The GC will also need support as the pregnancy progresses from family, friends and coworkers. Find your support system and lean on them!

  5. “It was a great way to help my family financially”

    While every gestational carrier agrees that you should never consider surrogacy just for the money, it is a great way to do some things that you and your family wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. 

  6. “It was all worth it”

    The moment the intended parents meet their baby for the first time makes it all worth it. Let’s face it, pregnancy can be difficult but when you see that brand-new family you helped create, you can’t imagine not being a part of such a beautiful moment.

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