Catherine Tucker: Infertility Warrior

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” – William Shakespeare

I’m married to an active duty military member, so I spend a lot of my days hearing words like tough, hero and warrior batted around in ways that aren’t entirely representative of what those words truly mean. It’s important in these moments to go back to the basics and remember some definitions. A warrior is a brave or experienced soldier or fighter, and a hero is a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. Catherine is a living embodiment of both of these words.

Catherine has deep roots in New England, where she has resided since attending Dartmouth College. After graduating from law school at Suffolk University, Catherine began her professional life in Boston as a prosecutor, litigating child and family cases, many of which were truly heart-breaking. Over time, she moved to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office where her focus was on insurance fraud. Over the years Catherine experienced her own personal heartbreak, enduring 5 rounds of IVF before the final 6th round resulting in the premature birth of boy/girl twins.

Through her own experience with IVF (and new parenthood!), a new path was formed, and Catherine struck out to open her own practice in the new and relatively trailblazing field that is now known as Assisted Reproductive Technology Law. When Catherine began her practice, she was the only attorney in New Hampshire practicing in this area of law!

Since that time Catherine has really taken on the mantle of the fight for those struggling with infertility. She was the co-author of New Hampshire’s surrogacy law, which gives strong protection to both intended parents and surrogates. Many states have modeled their laws on those that Catherine helped write! She also co-authored the New Hampshire laws on egg and sperm donation and has been a champion to rally against proposed laws that could limit access to in vitro fertilization in New Hampshire. Currently she is working feverishly on Senate Bill 279, the Act Relative to Access to Fertility Care which would provide insurance coverage for New Hampshire residents undergoing fertility treatment.

On top of raising two adorable kids, watching NASCAR races, writing legislation and running a pioneering law practice, Catherine also finds time to give back to her community by being on the board of directors for RESOLVE New England, as well as being part of the New England Fertility Society and the Legislation Committee for the American Bar Association’s Assisted Reproductive Technology Law Committee.

I am proud and honored to be co-director of New England Surrogacy along with Catherine. She is one of the fiercest advocates of ethical surrogacy I have ever met. I am glad to call her friend, my hero and warrior in the fight for ethical surrogacy in New England.

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