Do Intended Parents Need to Live in New England to Match with a New England Surrogate?

As a regional surrogacy agency, we work with surrogates throughout the New England area—this includes the states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. All of our gestational carriers come from these six states.  

It’s a bit different for intended parents. Intended parents do not need to live in New England to match with a New England gestational carrier.  We are able to work with intended parents from around the United States, and also with international intended parents from other countries.  

During the surrogate matching process, we take into account “legal compatibility” to match you with a gestational carrier. What this means is that we will look at your circumstances (including the state/country you live in) and match you with a gestational carrier whose circumstances (including the state she lives in) are a legally appropriate fit. Your lawyer will explain this to you in more detail.  

Just know that it’s completely fine to live in a different state than your gestational carrier! And if you happen to live in a surrogacy not-so-friendly state (think New York), then going out-of-state may be your only option.

By matching with a New England gestational carrier, out-of-state intended parents can obtain the benefits of surrogacy in our region. These benefits include:

  • Convenient access to Massachusetts’s and Connecticut’s top IVF clinics, which are within driving distance of every New England state;

  • Access to quality maternity care and cutting-edge teaching hospitals in every New England state;

  • Easy access to domestic and international airports (and passport offices too!);

  • Contractual provisions available only under certain state laws (these states being New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine);

  • Streamlined establishment of legal parentage in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island (and the process in Connecticut is fairly simple too); and 

  • Birth certificates containing the names of both intended parents.  

We think New England is the perfect place to pursue surrogacy! (And we also think it's a great place to live!)  

Of course, we will help coordinate the additional details involved with any journey that crosses state lines.  That’s what we are here for! Let’s us take care of the details (and the little details are our specialty)! We want this journey to be as seamless for you as possible so that you can focus on the pregnancy and your new baby instead.

Want to learn more about become a parent through surrogacy in the six New England states (New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island)?